Introducing Prexa365: Driving a New Era of Growth in Agriculture Equipment Rentals

Agriculture equipment rental has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. However, monitoring all the machines on the farm, regularly fixing and checking equipment so they can work really well, can be daunting challenges for you.

No worries, we bought you our rental software solutions which are designed carefully to simplify all your rental operations. It lets you know where your agriculture equipment is, how many hours it's been in use, and when it's due for maintenance. It saves you from downtime that can cost you money and leave customers unsatisfied.

Why choose prexa365?

Our Solutions

Advanced Tracking System

Our software monitors equipment location, condition, and usage, notifying you of maintenance schedules to keep your equipment in optimal condition. Now easily track all your serialized as well as non-serialized assets here.

Easy Reservation Solutions

Get user-friendly interface, enabling easy quote creation, reservations, and invoice generation with secure payment platform. Moreover, it customizes rental contracts to meet various agricultural clients.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Easily manage upcoming maintenance tasks, set reminders, and create service orders. You can schedule maintenance triggers according to your preference. The system automatically updates statuses and sends notifications

Strengthen Your Customer Relations

Manage customer details, rental history, and interactions - all in one place. Built on Microsoft CRM, ensuring top-notch service and strong customer relationships.

Pricing Solutions for Every Budget

Get innovative pricing solutions, with adaptable pricing strategies. You can easily adjust rental rates based on demand, availability, and duration, all while supporting multiple currency options.

Reporting and Analytics

Get access to powerful reporting and analytics tools. With all the ARA KPIs included, you'll find an array of operational and rental reports, created using Power BI and Microsoft 365. Plus, pre-built reports are available for your convenience.

Key Features of Prexa365


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