Leading the Way: Prexa365 Takes Camera Rental to New Heights

The camera rental business is making its way into every corner of the world. But we are still worried about equipment wear and tear or the risk of losing valuable camera gear. Cameras, lenses, and other high-value items are easy to track, but what about the cables, tripods, and other accessories that are essential for every shoot? it is all too easy to misplace.

Also, there is always a lingering concern about whether we can utilize our equipment properly or not. So don't worry anymore we've got you covered with Prexa365 software solutions. These are carefully curated to help you track all your serialized and non-serialized gear, maintain, and maximize the utilization of your equipment, and much more—all in one comprehensive solution.

Why choose prexa365?

Unique Features of Prexa365 Software

Track your equipment

Easily track your cameras, lenses and accessories, with detailed descriptions and images, and much more, you can even monitor all your serialized and non-serialized assets here.

Smooth Booking Solutions

Get a user-friendly interface, enabling easy quote creation, reservations, and invoice generation with a secure payment platform. Moreover, it customizes rental contracts to meet various agricultural clients.

Furniture Repairs and Maintenance

Easily manage upcoming maintenance tasks, set reminders, and create service orders. You can schedule maintenance triggers according to your preference. The system automatically updates statuses and sends notifications.

Pricing Solutions for Every Budget

Get innovative pricing solutions, with adaptable pricing strategies. You can easily adjust rental rates based on demand, availability and duration, all while supporting multiple currency options.

Upgrade your CRM strategy

Manage your customer details, rental history, and interactions - all in one place. Built on Microsoft CRM, ensuring top-notch service and strong customer relationships.

Advanced Rental and Operational Reporting

With all the ARA KPIs included, you'll find an array of operational and rental reports, created using Power BI and Microsoft 365. Plus, pre-built reports are available for your convenience.

Key Features of Prexa365


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