West York Rentals

Mr. Pedro Fernandes (Owner of West York Rentals)

Executive summary   

Founded in 2021 by a team of industry experts backed with 30+ years of experience, West York Rentals is a Canadian rental equipment company. It specializes in rental of aerial lifts, including scissor lifts, telehandlers, articulated and telescopic booms. The firm offers its services to private, residential, commercial as well as industrial businesses.  

West York Rentals collaborated with PREXA365 to digitalize and grow its rental operations. They were looking for streamlining the process of managing machine inventory, rental contracts and invoices. PREXA365 allowed West York Rentals to enjoy operational efficiency through a better mechanism of tracking inventory, automating the invoicing process and smooth execution of its workflow for servicing work orders.  

Customer challenges  

West York Rentals was manually tracking inventory using excel spread sheets. The disparate system of storing data resulted in data inaccuracy and inconsistency. Moreover, there was lack of visibility into the available and rented assets. This impacted their ability to serve their clients faster and more efficiently. Another stumbling block was its manual billing system. This was error –prone and resource intensive activity which could be replaced with technology.   

PREXA365 Solution  

As a result of PREXA365's CRM software solution, West York Rentals has been able to manage its machine inventory counters and rental contracts. They can now see how many machines are available and they have complete visibility into their on-rent machines whenever they are require the information. Additionally, they can now easily create service orders, and the software's cyclic billing feature helps automate invoice generation. 

Customer benefits  

West York Rentals has successfully dealt with the problems arising from siloed information that affects everything from operations, service, maintenance, and transportation, to servicing customers. It now has a central source of all data across equipment lifecycle management enabling the team to plan better, streamline operations, save time by getting rid of manual data entry and build better relationships with their customers. 

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